Playing around

I’ve recently taken up golf (sorry if anyone saw the title of this post and got excited). Mr PF has played for years, disappearing off for 3 or 4 hours at a time and coming back regaling me with stories of near misses and wonderful tee shots.  To be honest I have managed to fane an interest where really there was none.  But all this changed a month or so ago when a friend suggested that we have a lesson to see what it is all about.  Four of us signed up for a group lesson one Saturday in July, and that was it I was hooked!  After a few sessions at the driving range I’ve now ventured out to do a 9 hole round.

We’ve found a lovely course where not many people play so the chance of causing an upset with my chipping and slicing skills is reasonably limited. I must admit I am rather rubbish but there is something compelling about it – true to say no two shots are the same!   Usually I play with a couple of friends. We laugh at our mis-hits and applaud any successes, however small.   I’ve got a score counter which only goes up to 10 – needless to say I go round the clock on most holes!

Today I played a round with husband and son Tom.  A risky endeavour on two counts.  Firstly Mr PF does like to give advice even where it is not particularly welcome and secondly Tom and I share a set of golf clubs!   It was a lovely sunny afternoon and on the drive to the course I set the ground rules – no advice to be given unless it was asked for.  That rule didn’t even last 5 minutes!   Despite some unwelcome comments about bending knees, positioning feet, keeping head still and other things that I can’t remember, we had a great time.  My game was more rubbish than normal but out in the sunshine for 3 hours who cares!

ps – I have just eaten a biscuit – despite a) not being hungry really and b) being on a diet

Turning 55

This week I turn 55. Big celebrations all round of course but also a time for reflection. My son who is 27 was sad that I wasn’t  twice his age anymore and that won’t happen again until I’m 108 – optimistic!  I’m sad because scrolling to find my year of birth on an online form just got a bit harder.  I’m sad because people keep reminding me it’s downhill now until 60. Shut up!

For me being 55 means lots of wonderful things but also apparently being peri-menopausal.  This seems to be a stage in your life when you have no idea when your period will come and no idea when it might go. You might be hot when it’s cold or even hotter when it’s hot.  You start talking rubbish because your brain decides to play a game of word association without permission. You often find yourself looking in the fridge, cupboard or wherever and wondering why. You run through every name in the family to ask your youngest son to do something. It’s fun and no one knows how long it might last!

I had lots of cards which captured me well – the joys of working from home (all wine and baths apparently),  the joys of too much wine and special friendships  (they go together well) but this one sums things up very well!  Happy days x



A confession

As much as I love Christmas and having the boys back home, I do like getting the house back to normal. Tree chopped into pieces and decorations put away   – I approach the task with the same relish as putting them up three weeks ago. (Three weeks ago – how ridiculous!).

Part of getting back to normal is saying goodbye to Tom as he heads back to uni. Now don’t get me wrong I love that boy so much but when he is home I end up sleep deprived.  When he’s away at university I do wonder what he’s up to but I sleep the sleep of the innocent. As soon as he returns I’m struck down with insomnia until he is safely tucked into bed himself.  I remember a friend of my mum’s having her grandson to stay because her son in law wouldn’t let the boy go out midweek during his holidays. My own children were young at the time and I thougt this was the silliest thing ever. Now I completely empathise with that man and retract all my negative thoughts about him!

Anyway Tom is off in the morning and I shall miss him loads. The house will be too quiet and too tidy (his revision seems to have been conducted in most rooms) but oh I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep!


A snapshot of my light show



Smart move

I forgot to take my phone out with me today – I survived, no harm done. However I was alarmed to see how many times during the day I went to my bag to check the phone that wasn’t there. I tried to shrug it off as the same as checking the watch you forgot to put on, but looking at the time is helpful, checking to see if anyone has texted me or what my twitter feed is telling me isn’t quite the same.  It was first day back to work after Christmas so a slow news day – but that doesn’t excuse my compulsive checking.   Phone addiction (and of course I am not addicted) is becoming quite a serious thing. I must admit that I eat my breakfast checking all aspects of my social media – plus a quick game of suduko (very good for the brain you know).  Then I think that during the working day I leave well alone – but today’s experience showed that I do like more than the odd sneaky peak.

A quick Google of the matter seems to show that people check their phone between 110 and 150 times a day on average. To be honest this sounds a bit much – but if you look around in many restaurants, pubs, public transport and you will see people on their phones. It’s difficult not to judge when you see mums and dads out with their young children – on their phones. Pushing their children on the swing, sending a text or making a phone call.  I was on the train the other day and a mother got on with her 10 year old daughter. Both of them got out their phones and didn’t utter a word to each other for the next 40 minutes.   Now don’t get me wrong – my attention span when I pushed my kids on a swing was about 2 minutes – so no doubt I’d have been doing some sneaky texting if I’d had a chance.  But I do remember lovely days out on the train with my boys – where the journey was filled with chatting, looking out the window at what we could see, discussing the day ahead.   I’m glad I had my children in simpler times without the distractions that there are today.  If my resolve back then not to allow the TV to be a baby sitter is anything to go by my kids would be masters of the Ipad!